Autumn News:

Jennifer is filming "Data Management", a short sci-fi/dark comedy. She plays Patricia, the boss lady, keeping the office operating with optimum efficiency, in a 70's styled office. The film revolves around the themes of technology, humanity & the effects advancing tools of the modern era have on their world.

The release of "The Rise Of Whore Betsy" is coming soon on Amazon Prime. Jennifer plays Betsy, a poignant 19th century tale about redemption & revenge on the western frontier of Oregon. Go to the Projects page to watch a behind-the-scenes interview, and see pictures from the set.

the rise of whore betsy

Films in festivals (click titles for trailers):
Donut Shop
Cosmic Playtester

Julie Colbert / William Morris Endeavor (WME) (Agent)
310-859-4265 /

Susan Ferris / Bohemia Group (Manager)
323-462-5800 /
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