DONUT SHOP written and directed by James Rogers-Gahan. The first project coming out of Jennifer's new company 18 Bleecker Films. Jennifer plays Eloise, a refined woman whose life is consumed with keeping herself and her habit in a state of perfect control.

To follow the production of the film, follow 18 Bleecker Films - Instagram & Facebook.

SHEILA, May 2018 release. A film written & directed by Alex Wiske. Jennifer plays Brenda, a woman who is through with her husband & the suburban life he came with, but before she moves on, she pushes her neighbor into flirting with a prickly situation that brings her into dangerous waters.

NO AGENDA, an art book created by Hyperbolic, showcases a series of artist showing them transform into their alter egos. For a sneak peek of the photos go to Jennifer's Gallery page.

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