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biography - jennifer skliás-gahan

"Jennifer Skliás-Gahan is a star-in-being, who rises from the depths of truth. So bright!!" - Susan Batson

"Jennifer exudes a rare dignity both as an actor and a person - a wonderful presence on-screen and on the set, a pleasure to have as part of our film family" - Dan Stone (Good Friday)

"In the realm of acting, Jennifer Skliás-Gahan is a force of nature. She is extremely talented, disciplined and hard-working and she knows how to take an objective by the throat. Skliás-Gahan's willingness to throw herself over the wall, in trusting direction and taking risks are pure gold." - Anne Flournoy (The Louise Log)

"After meeting Jennifer, I wrote my next short film, Parade of Horribles, with her in mind. Her collaborative spirit and involvement was unyielding from rehearsals to filming and re-shooting. Her probing mind and emotional depth shows her commitment to her craft and elevated the work of those of us lucky to work with her." - Jacob Kader (Parade Of Horribles)

biography - jennifer skliás-gahan

Jennifer Sklias-Gahan was born in Manhattan and raised by her mother and extended family who immigrated from a small Greek village outside of Sparta.

She spent summers in her family's village in Greece surrounded by people carrying out the age old tradition of storytelling and performance, learning first hand that it is one of the most powerful and essential forces we have to explore our world, and who we are. She knew then that she wanted to spend her life sharing stories with others.

When she is not filming or performing, Jennifer is a student of legendary acting teacher Wynn Handman. She has also trained with world renowned acting coach Susan Batson. Jennifer holds a bachelors degree in journalism & politics from New York University. She has worked on Capitol Hill with the Dukakis campaign, for the DC Senate offices of Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden (Joe Biden is truly the most sincere politician she has met) as well as working with award winning documentary filmmaker Judy Reemtsma.

biography - jennifer skliás-gahan

Jennifer lives in New York City with her husband and two children.


Julie Colbert / William Morris Endeavor (WME) (Agent)
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Susan Ferris / Bohemia Group (Manager)
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